When you’re looking for a new role to advance your accountancy or finance career, it’s essential to take the time to find the position and company that’s right for you. At iMultiply we work differently to progress individuals in their accounting and finance careers.

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New candidate? First things first, it’s essential that we get to know you as a person; are you looking for career progression, a change in direction, a temporary position or a better work-life balance? Once we understand what you’re after, you’ll get access to our bespoke online portal and away you go. Here you can manage your job preferences, set job alerts and get an at-a-glance overview of how your applications are progressing.

Our process is simple.
We respect your time and offer a user-friendly way for you to find a position you’ll love. More opportunities, less life admin. 

What’s more, our relationships with numerous employers, from large multinationals through to start-ups, means we often have exclusive access to the best jobs out there.  Register once and our consultants will consider you for any future roles we become aware of.

We measure our consultants’ performance against the satisfaction ratings of our customers. This means they are incentivised not just to place individual candidates, but to ensure you are thrilled with our service even if you are not placed in this specific role.

So why not get in touch with us below, or click the button to search our live jobs in accounting and finance.

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David Picksley

"Andrew (and Gareth) were highly professional and were the only recruiters who took the time to listen to me and what I wanted to do post-traineeship. They offered constructive discussions to outline the reality of moving from audit traineeship to industry and offered...

Valerio De Laco

"Alex was exceptionally supportive, attentive and professional throughout the process. The role Alex proposed to me aligns perfectly with my expectations in terms of career progression. This role will greatly improve my quality of life, providing better work-life...

Mavis Annan-Bonny

"Gareth got in touch with me promptly before and after the interviews to touch base and truly understand how I felt during the process. Not just how I faired but if I considered the organisation a right fit for me in the fist place."Candidate Testimonial Mavis...

Galina Geyker, Service Graphics

"I felt like Corey McMillan really cares about me, he was very attentive and supportive, providing me a guidance during my work search. It is a stressful time to look for a new job and i am pleased i had Corey by my side to help me."Candidate Testimonial Galina...

Jordan McCord, NCM Fund

"Don’t have anything else to say but a massive thanks to Andrew for making this whole process easy and efficient. The advice and support I received was second to none. Thanks again!"Candidate Testimonial Jordan McCord, NCM Fund

Jade Roy, Code Clan

"I had initially rejected applying for this role as I wasn't sure I was the right fit for it, but Andrew got back in touch and encouraged me to go for it. He got it absolutely right as myself and Loral at CodeClan connected immediately and things progressed very...

Johanna Monks, Cumbernauld Theatre

"I was feeling reasonably well prepared for the interview, but speaking with Alex gave me the final push, encouragement and focus I needed just to be really ready. All the work he did speaking with the company on my behalf made me feel very prepared going into the...

John Pattie, Deaf Action

"Andrew was highly professional, friendly and helpful throughout the whole recruitment process. From our initial conversation, when I hadn’t even made any firm decisions about leaving my current position, through to post-interview debriefs, Andrew provided much...

Patrick Fraser, Equitix

"Stuart was flexible, helpful and knowledgeable - positive outcome aside, I was very happy with the support he provided and would have given the same feedback even if I didn't get this job, and would have been happy to continue working with him on other opportunities...


"Stuart was firstly, incredibly approachable and also provided a lot of insights and tips on the interview process to make sure I was as ready as can be for the process. He also made sure the job roles were a right fit for me as a candidate and explained objectively...

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Are you a woman who have been out of paid work for over six months? Do you need help to refresh your skills and networks to return to work with confidence? Are you looking to make work work on your terms in a way that fits with your commitments, family and lifestyle? If so, then Making Work Work – for Women Returners is for you! Find out more here.

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