Marta Maffeis

“Gareth has been very helpful and professional, he understood my needs and what I was looking for since the very first time we had a phone call. He has been available anytime I was looking for advise or even to help me out improving my confidence. I’m very happy about the relationship of trust we have been building up over the past weeks, it helped me to gain some more confidence and to feel ready to make a step towards new professional. challenges. Gareth found exactly the job position suitable with my skills as well as very in line with my values and family life, which is a bonus! Highly recommend to have a chat with him to anyone not sure about their current job position and wanting to improve their skills. Absolutely a stunning service from Gareth and IMultiply. Really looking forward to start my new job adventure!”

Candidate Testimonial

Marta Maffeis, Thomson Cooper.