Could Interim Roles in Accountancy and Finance Be Perfect for You?

Have you ever considered Interim?

The world of accountancy and finance is known for offering long-term career prospects for those who want them. However, there’s a growing trend towards interim or temporary work arrangements in this industry, providing professionals with opportunities they might not have considered were available to them before – whilst simultaneously providing a better work-life balance. You might never have thought a lot about what real life interim work looks like, or you might have preconceptions which we’d like to challenge, so let us take you through the world of interim work in accountancy and finance, exploring the benefits and potential drawbacks, and help you decide if this career path could be the right fit for you.

The Increasing Demand for Interim Workers in Accountancy and Finance:

Whether it’s call Interim working, Temping or Contracting, it is gaining prominence in the accountancy and finance sector. Traditionally, the industry favoured permanent positions, but shifting market dynamics and evolving employer needs have opened doors to short-term engagements. From specialist project work to handling peak workloads during tax season, temporary professionals are in demand, offering flexible and lucrative opportunities to those individuals who want to make a career out of interim working.

The Pros of Interim Work:

  1. Diverse Experience: Firstly, interim roles provide exposure to various projects and companies, broadening your skill set and industry knowledge, and letting you learn from a variety of people with diverse background.
  2. Flexibility: Enjoy an approach to work-life balance that suits your needs. Interim work allows for a variety of arrangements such as breaks between assignments, seasonal appointments, and standard flexible working.
  3. Financial Reward: Interim positions were once thought of as less lucrative than their permanent counterparts, but that isn’t always the case. With hourly rates or project-based compensation, interim roles can often exceed permanent salaries.
  4. Network Building: Working with different organisations allows you to grow your professional network, creating opportunities for future roles. If you’re just beginning your career, or are new to a place, this is a great way to start building a solid network for later.
  5. Skill Enhancement: Take on challenging projects that help you develop specific skills and expertise as you grow in your career. For people who are always looking for the next big (and difficult) thing, interim can give you that.

The Potential Challenges of Interim Work:

  1. Focus changes: Interim roles are ideal for professionals seeking diverse experiences. If you rely on longer time periods to feel like you can learn and develop or want a more stable approach to your work’s focus, you’d probably struggle as an interim.
  2. Job searching cycle: Temporary work provides the freedom to control your schedule, but this requires you be able to search for and secure the opportunities you want without it becoming a problem for you. A great solution here is having a strong interim recruiter by your side (like iMultiply!). Sit back and relax while they do the heavy lifting for you, and ultimately the right roles as and when you want them.
  3. Different work culture experience: Integrating into a place of work takes time and effort. Doing so in a short period of time might come naturally to some people and be difficult for others. This might be something you want to consider.

Is Interim Work Right for You?

Whether temporary work is a good fit for you depends on your career goals, personality, and personal circumstances. Therefore, if you thrive on variety, enjoy challenges, and value flexibility, temporary / interim roles could be a great choice. However, if stable focus and traditional work Ie are non-negotiable for you, a permanent position may be a better option. Consider your financial goals, work-life balance preferences, and long-term career ambitions when making this decision. And if you’re unsure, ask an expert about it – our interim team are always happy to chat further.

Interim work in accountancy and finance is no longer the unconventional choice it once was. With its flexibility and potential for financial reward, it has become a viable career option for many professionals. However, the decision to pursue temporary work should align with your individual career objectives and personal preferences. By carefully evaluating the pros and cons and considering your long-term goals, you can determine if temporary work is the right path for you.

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Blog By: Arantza Asali

Blog By: Arantza Asali

Marketing Executive

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