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Agile Finance Directors – Worth their weight in gold but without the hefty price tag!

There comes a time for every Founder or Business Leader when hiring a Finance Director or CFO makes complete sense. But it’s daunting. Where to start? What do they even do? Why are they so expensive? 

It seems complex. But it doesn’t need to be. 

As a Founder/CEO of a growing business, you need finance knowledge and expertise. Someone that understands you and your business, not just the numbers on the P&L. Someone that has been on the journey before and can help advise you and help shape the business for the future you envisage. 

That’s where Agile FD comes in.

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How can we help?

Agile FD from iMultiply provides you access to experienced finance leaders who work on a consultancy basis with growing, entrepreneurial businesses.

However, as they work with a number of different businesses at the same time, you get all the knowledge and expertise but at a fraction of the cost of a full-time Finance Director. (Literally, it’s a fraction….because you might be one of 10 or so businesses they work across.) 

In addition, they also bring learnings from their other clients too, meaning you have live insights into other sectors.

An Agile FD can help you with…

  • Improving your profit margins
  • Providing mentoring and support for the finance team
  • Recruiting for your team
  • Liquidity events like: raising investment, debt financing, MBO/MBIs, employee ownership
  • Realising an exit
  • Creating insightful Management Information
  • Forecasting and managing your cashflow
  • Sleeping better at night! (Yes, really!)

We practice what we preach!

At iMultiply, we ourselves use an Agile FD (he’s called Mark & he’s great!) and so we’ve seen the benefit and savings this can bring.  And we’ve got a suite of similar available and ready-made Agile FD’s we can put you in touch with.

If you still don’t know exactly what an Agile FD does, we asked Mark to give you an overview:

> As well as the areas already mentioned, an experienced FD usually has business contacts that they can turn to aid the leadership team’s development and network. They also provide insight into modern tools and processes that can aid efficiency within a company’s processes.

> A good Agile FD becomes a trusted contact whom the owners and leadership can rely on to be there whenever needed and provide a sense check on key decisions which a business needs to make. Often providing owners with the commercial acumen and a confidential sounding board which they may not have elsewhere in the business. 

To have an initial conversation about hiring an Agile FD, please contact iMultiply’s Managing Director, Kris Flanagan by emailing

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Agile FD

Our Agile FD network of experienced Finance Directors are available on an interim basis and offer the perfect solution for businesses at all stages of the growth journey.