Finish the Year with a bang! (and start the next the same.)

It’s beginning to look a lot like…(Don’t worry, we won’t say it).

November has come and gone, and it’s hard to believe next year is just around the corner. As crazy as it is that summer has turned into another cold winter so quickly, it’s time to start thinking about how to wrap-up 2023 the right way. (Excuse the Christmas pun!)

We know how it feels. The days are dark, and it’s hard to find the motivation to do more than finish that do-to list that’s been sitting on your desktops for the last week; but December is nothing if not a great opportunity hiding in a thick, winter coat. So, if you’re stuck in a rut, keep reading. We have FIVE useful tips to give you the best shot of ending this year and starting the next in a way that leaves you satisfied and ready to enjoy the holidays.

1. Answer any remaining questions.

If there is anything at all making you doubt yourself, your role, or the work you’re doing; this is the time to clear things up. ‘Should I prioritise X before the holidays?’, ‘What if Y doesn’t work out in January?’, ‘I’m not sure I’m happy with the results of Z’…

We often leave small (or not-so-small) questions unanswered at this time of year because the holidays make it feel like time stops. Newsflash- it hasn’t! Regardless of what question has been sitting in the back of your mind, you still have time to find the answers you’ve been looking for. This is a great opportunity to clear up doubts, check final tasks off that list, and leave with a calendar that you will be happy to come back to in January.

2. Do things now!

Prioritisation is one thing, procrastination is another. ‘I’ll have time to do it later.’ is not something you should ever be thinking, particularly not now. You have time to do it now! You should go into the holidays feeling satisfied with what you’ve done and ready to enjoy yourself, not worrying about carving out time away from friends and family to work.

With only a few weeks left on the calendar, every day counts. There are many reasons we procrastinate, often we feel what we can do now won’t be good enough. Breaking down milestones into smaller, realistic goals can help ease the anxiety. Reach out if you need support, challenge that voice inside, and push the extra mile before the year ends. Remember, inspiration has to find you working!

3. Go for the tough conversations.

Sometimes, we’ve been carrying things around with us for months by the time the winter holiday rolls around. Maybe you’ve identified a way to make a process work better and haven’t mentioned it. Or maybe something that isn’t working has been bothering you for a while. Although it may be awkward to touch on difficult subjects, either with a manager or a member of your team, it’s better to close the year having had those tough conversations.

A bit of awkwardness now can make for a much better experience next year. Plan, chat things through, and see the benefits waiting for you in 2023.

4.  Keep your work environment clean.

There’s nothing more natural than for our space to get messy as we go about finishing our last important jobs of the year. Maybe it’s documents on your desk or unnamed files on your desktop, or maybe the bottom of your work bag is hosting a collection of miscellaneous items. (Ah, there are my sunglasses!) Wherever the mess is, it is getting in the way of you feeling your best.

There is truth behind the ‘clear space, clear mind’ philosophy. Taking 10 minutes to remove the physical and digital clutter around you can help you make sure your mind is also clear and set for you to work to your highest level. Beyond ending the working year decluttered and clean, starting back up in 2024 will feel easier in a clean environment.

5. Evaluate, plan, and enjoy!

The end of a year is a great time to take stock of what has gone well and what could do with some improvement. Evaluating your strengths is something no one can do better than yourself. Take some time to sit with what you have achieved this year and feel proud of it, and look at the areas where you’ll push a little harder in the coming year too.

It’s been a long 2023, so don’t forget to also plan for some fully disconnected time away from work. Relax, take care of yourself, and enjoy!

In summary…

There might not be long left in the year, but the time is there for you to make an impact. Everything you take the time to do this year will make coming back into your role in 2024 a lot easier. Keep pushing, look back with pride at what you’ve achieved in 2023 and close the year off better than ever.

Here at iMultiply, we’re working hard, chasing those end-of-year goals. With a month left to go, we’re still connecting with people, helping them find the right talent and opportunities they’re looking for as 2023 comes to a close. We would love to hear from you before the year ends!

If you’re looking for a new role at the moment, or are interested in seeing what is out there, why not have a look at our current jobs.


Written by Arantza Asali.

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