Michael Cassidy

Head of Audit, William Grant & Sons

Michael Cassidy

The knowledge of our business and the understanding of our specific needs came through quickly. It meant Stuart could identify a strong list of potential candidates for us to consider, all of whom were well briefed and well presented.

Stuart had a clear understanding of WG&S and was able to pitch WG&S to the candidates.  In effect, the suitability of the candidate and fit for WG&S (and my team) was already well underway as they started the assessment process.  

Stuart also represented the needs and interests of the candidates very well and applied the right level of diligence to evaluate fit up front (for WG&S and the candidate) before committing to the assessment process. 

We have been delighted to be able to offer and place two of Stuart’s candidates this year.  He has provided us with high-quality candidates and has helped us to make some good recruitment decisions.  I would be very happy to reach out to Stuart again in the future.