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We are pleased to support an exciting sales education initiative that aims to extend higher education to the South-East Asian region.

The South-East Asian Sales Competition (SEASAC) project is an Erasmus+ project that works with European and Asian partner universities as well as local government agencies to promote B2B sales education in university graduates. As well as providing educational materials designed to teach international sales skills to students, the SEASAC project conducts an annual selling competition. After coaching, or completing a sales course, the students’ assessment is a live role-play, with a buyer and judges. Due to covid this competition, just like many sales meetings, is currently conducted online.  

Skilled competitors go on to enter the European Sales competition thereby extending student opportunities and experience in ethical sales. 

One aim of this project is to project sales education beyond the core Asian partner universities, and that’s where iMultiply stepped in to support. 

Uniquely, and a sales education first, the University of Gadjah Mada (UGM), one of Indonesia’s top universities, decided that their lecturers should have an internal competition and take the students assessment. This allows their lecturers to familiarise themselves intimately with the learning and also the potential nerves that their students may experience. The conditions of the competition were as close to a real one as possible. 

The lecturers were given the core materials to study, then had to prepare to sell their service to a company, in front of an unknown set of buyers and unseen judges. 

iMutiply was approached to help with setting a competition case.

UGM lecturers are acting the role as sales consultants for iMultiply’s ‘new’ international division in Indonesia.  This involves an online role-play simulation, with a team of international judgers and buyers. 

The case involves a fictitious company, ‘Deep Clean’ who specialise in clean-up operations for the insurance industry and are experiencing a covid boom. The situation is that their global expansion plans and cash management are at risk and desperately need to replace their financial director who has left. 

Department head for the University of Gadjah Mada, Dr Leo Indra Wardhana said,
 “We really thank iMultiply for supporting this event! Although this is meant to be a training program, the event was conducted professionally with a high standard.  I think this is a great experience for our faculty members to experience the real “game”, so they can coach students for the future sales competition.”

Our CEO, Kirsty Mackenzie, (on maternity leave!) has produced several videos to support the case. 
iMultiply is pleased to help this educational initiative to professionalise sales through education. We are delighted that our values and unique selling points are being used as an example within sales education. 

Please see for more details. 
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Youtube: SEASAC Project South-East Asian Sales Competition

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