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On 19th November, iMultiply in association with ACCA Scotland hosted an event on how to successfully mentor students who are progressing through their qualification. 

Fiona Macphee from ACCA Scotland kicked off the discussion by outlining what it takes to achieve the ACCA qualification. There was a significant change to the syllabus last September and during the evening, the importance of a mentor having in-depth knowledge of the syllabus was highlighted. By remaining up to date, the mentor can better support students by helping them choose the most logical path while helping them get the practical experience to complement their exams.

Marisha Czoski, who is an ACCA Gold Award winner (the global prize for the top exam marks) and currently works at Blackrock, commented on the importance of having a mentor that can support in all areas and not just with exams. Marisha met with her mentor regularly and they discussed work, home life and exams which left her feeling very supported. One of the key takeaways from the evening was on the topic of work/life balance and how challenging this can be to achieve while studying. It was emphasised that it is crucial to be supported emotionally and mentally from a mentor. 

Gillian McCreadie, Business Services Manager at Robb Ferguson Chartered Accountants, discussed how the ACCA qualification had given their firm much more flexibility as to when students can sit their exams. This is due to the students being able to study remotely and also do exams at different times of the year, which is easier for them as a business to plan around. Gillian also explained how she has continued with her personal development and is undertaking the Practising Certificate.  This has offered her insight as to the most efficient ACCA module selection for her students who may be interested in taking the same route. 

It was also shared that students are 25% more likely to complete the qualification by using an approved study partner. In addition, students that gain their practical experience at the same time as doing their studies are more likely to complete the qualification, as opposed to those that do the exams and then seek the practical experience. Marisha and Gillian both backed this up as they gained experience alongside their studies and were supported by their firms and mentors to do this. 

An interesting and informative discussion with several takeaways for the attendees as well as a chance to network with like-minded professionals.

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