Recruit through iMultiply, and you’re helping young people throughout Scotland start their own career journeys.

Our partnership with ProjectScotland kicked off in 2019, and in our first year, we raised over £10,000! Since we started this partnership, we and our customers have supported hundreds of young people, with a range of different barriers to employment, to start their own career journeys.

Our partnership means that when we successfully place a person in a role, we commit to supporting a young person through charity. This support allows them to upskill, providing a vital opportunity to progress in their own working life.

Read Annie and Megan’s story to see how your support of iMultiply is making a difference in supporting young people through the mentorship program at ProjectScotland.

Annie and Megan’s Story

On holiday in 2011, Annie contracted Encephalitis and was hospitalised with significant brain injuries for two years. Annie had to learn how to walk, read, and write all over again. Annie’s support worker recommended ProjectScotland as an avenue for additional support. The ProjectScotland team chatted with Annie and her support worker to develop a tailored plan and match her with a Volunteer Mentor.

Megan joined ProjectScotland as a volunteer mentor during the pandemic as she had more time on her hands. Megan has said, “I couldn’t think of a better way to spend that time than giving back to my community”. During Annie and Megan’s relationship, they have developed a great trust in each other, and Annie has progressed massively. Megan makes sure to emphasise Annie’s strengths and all the great things about her. This helps Annie feel good about herself and ensures that her struggles do not define who she is.

“Megan gives me homework to help me build my confidence. It’s really helped me. I had written down that I needed help with this after our first meeting. So she asked me to write down the things I liked about myself, and at the next meeting, I took them to her. She also made me choose a song that would make me feel happy about myself.” -Annie, Mentee.

“I feel privileged to be part of someone’s journey and to be part of someone realising how wonderful they are. Annie is the type of person who will inspire people and will be able to help others in her situation. I look forward to our calls as much as Annie does. In the short time, I’ve been working with Annie, she’s grown so much! The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. This is a wonderful journey for both of us”-Megan, Mentor.  

ProjectScotland perfectly aligns with iMultiply’s values, philosophy, and ambitions. They do truly inspiring things for young people in their local communities and are committed to making a big difference. And because they work in the volunteering sector, helping young people take what is often a first step on the job ladder, there is a real logic to us working in partnership with them.

To sum up, if you recruit someone through iMultiply, you’ll be directly supporting a young person’s progress in their own career at the same time.

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