Chiene + Tait LLP

Partner, Chiene + Tait LLP

Barry Truswell

“iMultiply’s success rate in putting the right candidates forward for our roles speaks volumes for the quality of candidates they provide. They know our teams well and know what type of individual would be a good fit, coming up with creative ways to sell our opportunities to candidates such as getting them in touch with previously placed individuals. Not only do they provide us with high-quality candidates, but also give valuable insight into the recruitment market and climate as well as providing benchmarking information. 

Audit has been a difficult area to recruit in for a while and we are still experiencing the market to be increasingly competitive. iMultiply are an asset to us in ensuring we find high-quality candidates in this competitive environment and making sure it’s the right fit for both us as a firm and the individual. 

We have a long-established relationship with iMultiply and are looking forward to continuing to work with them in the future.”