Why Use a Recruiter to Unlock Interim Talent?

The benefits of using a recruiter don’t disappear interim (there’s actually more).

Recruitment seems to get more and more complex every year.

Businesses are facing constantly changing demands that require them to be agile and adaptable. When it comes to hiring strategies, interim workers can provide a range of benefits that are often overlooked or considered less demanding that permanent processes. We speak to a lot of businesses who don’t see why, if they’re hiring interim talent, a recruitment agency can be a beneficial partner.

We understand, it may seem like using a recruiter for an interim process is only complicating things at surface level. However, finding highly skilled professionals who can seamlessly integrate into your team and deliver results quickly is paramount, and that requires knowledge, experience a significant amount of work. This is where we come in.

Our Interim team’s network becomes your network:

As with any recruitment process, access a network of experienced, passive interim candidates in the market is one of the main challenges. It’s estimated that 80% of the candidate market is made up of passive people. Those who could make the difference for your business, and might consider making a move, but are not actively advertising themselves as open to opportunities.

iMultiply’s CRM and extensive network allows us to access that hidden 80% of interim professionals. These candidates have already been vetted for their qualifications, experience, and availability, saving you time and effort in the hiring process. We take pride in maintaining relationships with a wide range of skilled interim workers, allowing you to tap into their talent pool and find the exact fit for your specific needs.

Just because it’s interim doesn’t mean it’s easy:

Recruiting is always a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. While many people believe that interim will require less time and resources from your team, it’s quite the opposite. Interim hires need have a specific skillset that will allow them to seamlessly come into a business through a transitionary period and maintain stability. If anything, we think identifying these individuals requires additional expertise, and can end up taking more time from your team.

That is exactly why we have specialised teams. Consistently working on the same kind of recruitment processes means our interim team can save you valuable time and focus you’d have to shift away from your core business operations. From sourcing and screening to contract negotiation and expert insights, it’s like leaning on an advisor throughout the process.

Not all interims are the same:

There are several incentives that lead candidates to interim work, and each candidate is looking from something different from the experience. Not every interim worker available will match the needs your business has at the time of hiring. Needing someone because you are going through organisational restructuring is very different from needing someone when you’re between permanent hires, for example. The practical experience and soft skills will all need to match the environment an interim is coming into.

Once again, the larger pool of candidates, as well as the ability to understand how someone’s skillset fits into and impacts a business’ situation makes the process not only faster but far more strategic. At iMultiply, our teams also collaborate with each other, meaning the expert knowledge of one member is there for everyone. That is over 50 years of experience in recruitment being used in every process.

We can even manage your whole interim function for you:

Hiring an interim is an option that provides a lot of flexibility for a business. It essentially gives employers the opportunity to choose how long they need someone as time goes by and base the skills they hire for on projects or initiatives. Even with this flexibility, however, a hiring process is demanding on a business’ HR team, payroll team, senior leadership, etc.

We take on the whole responsibility for you. The interim service is a fully rounded process in which we go beyond the recruitment and into employee management. iMultiply handles a pool of interims working across Scottish businesses, and all their payments and onboarding are done by us.

It’s all the expertise and none of the paperwork.

We look at our interim strategy as the process of building a partnership between us and the employer we help find the right talent for their needs. Within that comes leveraging our knowledge and connections, and understanding the motivations that drive both candidates and employers.

Although plenty of people continue to look at hiring interims as something different from recruiting permanent roles- easier, quicker, less skilled; we think it takes a special kind of skill to make the complexity of interim seem simple. Our team is confident they have that skill, and their achievements daily speak for themselves. Why not learn more about what allows us to succeed in this area here?

Written by Arantza Asali, Marketing Executive

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