Welcome Maria to the Team!.

Join us in welcoming Maria: A Vibrant Addition to Our Team

We’re thrilled to announce Maria Stathopoulou, the newest member of the iMultiply Team. Originally hailing from Greece, Maria brings with her a wealth of experience and a vibrant personality that is sure to enrich our business, and our customer’s experience.

Maria made the decision to relocate to Scotland in 2007 after completing her Masters in Vienna. In her own words she “followed the music” and the culture she already loved….and her husband too, of course, who had already established roots here in Scotland.

Maria’s love affair with Scotland extends beyond its scenic landscapes; she is an avid follower of British music and the local film scene. You might be surprised then to learn that she doesn’t own a TV. Instead, Maria enjoys practicing yoga, and has been immersing herself in acting courses as a personal challenge to step out of her comfort zone and make interesting connections.

In fact, Maria is an ardent believer in the power of communities. She enjoys sharing her interests and insights through social media platforms, experimenting with a lifestyle YouTube channel at one point, and now sharing her keen eye for fashion and dressmaking on Instagram.

With over a decade of diverse experience, Maria is no stranger to connecting with, leading and coaching teams. Her passion for helping people shines through in her interactions. Maria’s customer service background and expertise make her an exciting addition to our team, and we are certain of the positive impact she will undoubtedly bring to iMultiply.

Maria joins our fantastic Interim Team in Edinburgh and the East of Scotland.

Why not reach out to Maria and join us in extending a warm welcome as she starts this new chapter with us. We’re sure she’d love to hear from you!

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