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Kirsty Mackenzie

Next up in our ‘Meet the Team’ series is the Gaffer herself, Kirsty Mackenzie. Always looking to innovate, Kirsty founded iMultiply with the goal of positively disrupting the recruitment industry. From the outset, Kirsty established our unique customer approval system whereby team remuneration correlates directly to exemplary candidate and employer satisfaction. Kirsty continues to ensure that building mutually beneficial outcomes for employers and candidates is embedded into iMultiply’s DNA. After appointing Kris Flanagan as Managing Director In 2019, last year Kirsty was able to take on a new role as a mum of two (baby Skye and iMultiply). We caught up with her to see how her new role is going, as well as which of the iMultiply values is most important to her.

Tell us about your role in iMultiply?

I am iMultiply’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Perhaps CEO could stand for Chief Empowerment Officer; as a huge part of my role is to listen to the team, ensure their ideas and talents are recognised, and remove any obstacles that would get in the way of greatness. Alternatively, CEO could mean Chief Excitement Officer as I enjoy sharing the vision for iMultiply and my passion for the industry, both internally and externally.

I am a brand ambassador. As the founder, I’ve lived and breathed iMultiply since 2012. I’m always working to raise the profile of the company and explore new ways to engage our community. However, seeing that our customers receive a service that exceeds expectations is a top priority.

iMultiply is fortunate to be part of a hugely supportive and connected business ecosystem. I enjoy learning from and nurturing this ecosystem and ensuring that we add value beyond recruitment.

What 3 things do you enjoy most about what you do? 

Meeting new people – I believe you can learn something from everyone, and I get energy from meeting people. It’s not just the restaurants and glasses of wine I enjoy, it is the conversation!

Seeing others develop – It gives me great pleasure knowing iMultiply provides opportunities for development and platforms for learning.

Brainstorming – It doesn’t matter whether it is coming up with new ideas or problem-solving, it gives me such a buzz.

Tell us about your proudest professional achievement.

It has to be founding an award-winning business that has experienced years of growth!

In 2019, Kris was promoted to Managing Director which was a huge milestone and I’m delighted with the freedom it provides me to develop my role. I’m extremely proud of what Kris and the team have achieved.

What advice would you give to people looking for a new role?

Have you ever thought about phoning a company ahead of an interview, and asking the person who answers what it’s really like to work there?

Why would you? To learn about the company from a different perspective. Then at the interview, you could ask about; what makes it a good place to work, employee turnover, why people leave, what the company values really mean and how they are measured, management styles, etc. It is about assessing whether there’s an alignment of values and expectations, which should help you decide whether it’s the right company for you, not just the right role.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

‘Outside of work’ has just taken on a whole new meaning for me as a new mum. I’m grateful that some of my hobbies also entertain Skye; she loves the running buggy, socialising, reading business news, and gardening with the chickens. I’m enjoying experiencing all the ‘firsts’ with her and exploring this new world together.

We are a values-led organisation with customer experience at the heart of everything we do. Which of our values resonates most with you and why? 

To me, the three core values (integrity, inclusion, and innovation) are extremely important. If I was to pick a favourite child, I’d go for ‘innovation’. It’s not just technology companies that can be innovative, all organisations should be looking at fresh ways to improve themselves. I particularly love discussing new and inventive ways to please customers.

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