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Corey McMillian

It’s been a month since Corey McMillan joined the iMultiply team, and he has already made such an impact!

Having started his career in sales, Corey took the leap into recruitment four years ago as he was looking for a career that his young son could look up to and be proud of. Starting in construction recruitment, Corey soon moved to Accountancy and Finance recruitment, where some of you may know him already.

We recently asked Corey to tell us a bit about himself and why he chose to join iMultiply. We’re excited to have him on board, so we can’t wait for you to get to know him better.

Tell us about yourself.

As a person, I am very ambitious. I would say my main motivation is my son Archie. I always strive to be a role model to him. My goal has always been to be successful financially whilst working my way up the career ladder.

As much as I love my job in recruitment, I realise how important it is to have a healthy work/life balance. So in my spare time, I spend a lot of time with my fiancé and son. This could mean spending my weekends in playparks, soft plays or going to the football.

Tell us about your role at iMultiply.

I specialise in the temporary appointments of Part Qual and Transactional Finance across Glasgow and the West. 

This excites me as I get to speak with candidates from all stages of their careers. I get to talk with ambitious Graduates looking to get on the correct career path and likewise speak with candidates who have gained a wealth of experience working in multiple roles within different types of organisations/finance teams. 

I really enjoy making that call to the candidate to let them know they’ve got the job. Offering them the role they have put all the hard work into securing and watching this help progress their career.

Why did you join iMultiply? 

After my first conversation with Richard and Kris, I knew this was where I wanted to work. I could hear their ambition and belief in not only myself but in iMultiply’s potential. 

I could also see the potential to not only be successful at iMultiply in terms of career path but also to be successful financially.

I saw iMultiply as a project I had to be part of, and I wanted to add my skills and experience to make iMultiply even more successful.

However, the timing was not right. I didn’t feel I was in the correct space to move when Richard, Kris and myself met. I wanted to spend more time proving myself within the market.

While most employers may write you off at this point and move on, Richard kept in touch. He would send me a text here and there. He was not trying to change my mind but instead asked me how I was getting on and congratulated me on good things he had heard or seen on LinkedIn. 

This was my main reason for joining iMultiply. I respected this approach and saw that Richard and Kris were more interested in building the right team to continue growing iMultiply while staying true to their core values.

iMultiply’s core values are Integrity, Inclusion and Innovation. Which one resonates most with you and why?

Innovation resonates with me the most as I strongly believe in the term ‘Evolve or become extinct’. 

It is very easy to be left behind in such a fast-paced world. That said, I am always keen to learn new ways of working/living, and I am always keen to help support this with my experiences.

A key example of this within recruitment is LinkedIn. LinkedIn gives you the reach to interact with other professionals within multiple different fields and create networks to grow and leave your mark.

Interim Professionals can add value to organisations in lots of ways. What advice would you give to employers on how to maximise that value?

Interim professionals are a great way to maximise value within organisations, whether it is a requirement for two weeks to support while a staff member is off sick or an 18-month contract to help implement a new project.

Interim professionals can provide a fresh pair of eyes to your organisation and can provide you with valuable feedback and suggestions to improve your processes. As we enter the new world of work where employees spend at least some of their week working from home, health and wellbeing have become one of the employees’ main concerns. Interim staff can assist with this, whether it is supporting with backlogs or assisting with a role while you recruit it permanently, easing the pressure on your current employees.

What top hints or tips would you give a candidate looking for an interim assignment?

Although it is an interim assignment, make sure it is the correct one for you. Instead, it should be a role that you enjoy and in which you can use your existing skill set to add value or gain further experience.

Make sure you understand your reasoning for wanting to start an interim assignment. These reasons could be to gain experience to assist with gaining longer-term employment, to suit your schedule around other commitments like family or study, or you like joining an organisation – completing the project and moving on to the next one. 

These are just a few reasons, but understanding this will make your search for the right organisation much easier and suit your goals moving forward.

What’s your proudest achievement? 

I worked very closely with a candidate who had lost track of their career path due to the pandemic. This affected them both in and out of work; they sometimes felt they would never get back on track to achieve their dream career. I got to know this candidate pretty well and built up their trust. They then completed multiple contracts through myself that helped build their confidence. 

After four interim assignments, they were offered a permanent position with an organisation they were only supposed to be with for three weeks. The best part of this is they were offered a role at a higher level than they were before the pandemic, with a better career path, study support and a much higher salary.

This is my proudest achievement as I witnessed first-hand the highs and the lows of this process and was lucky enough to give them that good news call.

How can our customers get hold of you?

 I am always available to discuss what opportunities we have available or to provide a career consultation.

Email –

Mobile – 07936 600 131

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